Fitness coach helps client while guiding her through an outside work out at a park during the spring

Melissa C.

I’ve been working with Cathy for over 2 years. I first started with personal training and was immediately comfortable being around Cathy. She is easy to talk to, super supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental. After a few months I was introduced to Yoga and then Boot Camp. The only reason I was confident enough to participate was because Cathy was there. Boot Camps are now my favorite workout. With Cathy you get the whole package as she is also a Certified Wellness Coach. She encompasses all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle such as exercise, relaxation, nutrition, stress management. You will be forever grateful for taking the step and starting your journey with Thrive Fitness and Wellness.

Susannah R.

Whether you’re a trained athlete looking to enhance performance, a weekend warrior staving off midlife spread or a beginner on the path to physical health and wellbeing, Cathy will meet your fitness and nutrition goals. She is a master of mix and match modifications to accommodate and strengthen through injuries and life’s speed bumps by offering a variety of modalities including boot camp, yoga, personal training, free weights, plyometrics, cardio, Thai massage and more. You’ll be trained toward what you hope for, challenged safely beyond what you thought possible, and then you’ll celebrate your success with new goals for your next level of achieving fitness and vitality. There is no better place to mentally and physically Thrive! 


Stacy C.

Cathy is the best trainer and all-around partner for fitness and wellness. She listens and provides just what I need, when I need it, in her encouraging and joyous style. I started doing weight training to build bone density; I keep working out because I feel stronger and healthier. Whether I want to lose weight, get fit, or eat to steady hormones during menopause, Cathy puts her knowledge and enthusiasm behind my goals. She introduces new things to try—from a juice detox to yoga to paddle boarding—always as an open invitation with no pressure. Cathy offers “buddy training” so my husband and I can workout at our own pace together and it keeps us motivated. I also do Cathy’s Bootcamp, which I resisted until I tried it and found it is a fun, fast-moving workout with a sense of camaraderie. Cathy pushes us just enough so we get results and has ready modifications to avoid injury. Aside from being a passionate fitness coach, Cathy cares about her clients’ well-being. She genuinely asks how I am doing and helps talk through ideas for self-nurturing, relaxation and life balance.